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About you

Tronvig Group About YouYou are an organization with a mission that seeks to make the world better!

You are or want to be a learning organization, and you still feel there is much that could be improved.

You are ready to embark on a journey to better fulfill your mission. You understand that in order for your mission to succeed you must communicate it more effectively and be able to market yourself to your existing and future audiences, such that they can understand why you exist and why you matter.

You recognize that strategy will save you money by allowing you to devote your finite resources toward those things that are most likely to have the greatest impact.

You understand that you will need an expert team of collaborators to help you along the way and to push you forward on a path to success for your branding, marketing, organizational alignment, and/or advertising efforts.

You are ready for a proven process that looks deeply at your organization, its people, and its products and services as they operate in the marketplace, a process that asks fundamental questions and demands answers to these first, before moving on to any tactical applications like websites, marketing, and advertising.

Are we talking about you? If this is you, then you are ready to enter into a dialogue with us and begin to move more quickly along the path to achieving your goals.

Email us at, or fill in the form on our contact page to start the conversation.

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