Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is not about visuals. It’s not about getting a new website, a trendier logo or eye-catching packaging. If anything, brand strategy is about getting rid of things—abandoning audiences that are off-target, stories that are off-brand, projects that are not central to your mission as an organization. This allows you to unequivocally express who you are, separate yourself from any competition, and make a lasting impression to build and nurture your brand.

Brand Strategy Basics

Brand strategy gives McDonald's a 27 billion dollar advantage over Burger King. It's important that you understand how this happened, and how it applies to your organization.

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What is a brand? And how strong is yours?

Brands are often thought about in very limited terms but in reality, they exercise tremendous power in every kind of business or organization.

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Your Brand Idea: Who but Horton can hear it?

If your Brand Idea is succinct, meaningful and consistently and coherently expressed, it will be able to break free. It will be hearable outside of your brand bubble, outside of Whoville.

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What is strategy?

It is finding the means to achieve your goals (think big goals) with the least possible expenditure of effort. All strategy is fundamentally a matter of informed choices. A strategy must choose among possible options prioritizing those that are likely to yield the most advantageous outcomes with the least expenditure of effort. In a strategy project our task is to inform and make recommendations for these choices by drawing on a combination of organizational insight, existing research, original research, and the strategic framework and tools that we bring to bear in service of achieving the goal.

In our process we break this out into brand strategy, marketing strategy, and organizational alignment. Read our post on strategy primer for a brief overview of each.

What is brand strategy?

Brand strategy is having everyone in your organization and all your offers that touch the world effectively express your ideal truth. (Go here for an article on general brand strategy and here as it relates to college brands. The main tools we use to structure and maintain a brand strategy are Brand Pyramids and Brand Value Maps.)

If you need help with your brand strategy, we offer strategy workshops as well as a guided video tutorial series for those on a limited budget.