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The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation

Is your organization searching for ways to engage the local community and do so effectively? Meet the experts: The Harwood Institute.

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
Rich Harwood and The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation have done research on finding effective ways to make real the desire to do good in local communities for the past 25 years.

Through books, labs, direct, and indirect involvement in institutions and communities, Harwood has been an agent of positive change in America. Their partners include museums, libraries, nationally networked organizations like the United Way World Wide, and now hopefully you.

Tronvig Group has been helping The Harwood Institute better communicate the meaning and value of their very important work and ideas, not only to large institutional partners and what they call Beacon Communities—in places like Battle Creek, Michigan—but now also more directly to individuals who want to find better ways to make good on their deeply held desire to do good in their community.

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation,Tronvig Group
As part of this process we launched a new Harwood Institute website this week, and we believe it to be a much truer reflection of their brand and clearer expression of their intentions. It is also a far more flexible communication platform for them to explain and distribute their offerings, tell their story, and demonstrate their value.

For all of you who are in the business of doing good in the world, or who desire to be more relevant and have a greater positive impact in your community, click on the orange button below, spend a minute, and take the Harwood Turn Quiz. This is a quick diagnostic tool available as part of the new website. It’s the first of a series of easy-to-use tools we are incorporating on the website that introduce some of the useful and important ideas that underlie the work of The Harwood Institute.

Try it and see where your organization currently stands. Are you focused inward, or are you focused out toward your community? This deceptively simple tool quickly gets you to a preliminary answer.

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, Harwood Turn Quiz, Tronvig Group
Now what? Well, read some more on The Harwood Institute website or check out Rich Harwood’s Redeeming Hope Blog to see how they can help. It’s very likely that you or your organization will benefit from what The Harwood Institute has to offer.

Please let us know what you think.

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