Honesty, Learning, Rigor

HONESTY (Doing anything significant requires confronting uncomfortable truths.)
LEARNING (Every project is an adventure of risk, analysis, and the chance to leave a legacy.)
RIGOR (Relentlessly thinking through the details as much as the big picture.)

Come Work With Us

We are always excited to hear from qualified and interesting people. Please feel free to submit an application and we will contact you in the event of future openings.

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Internship Opportunities

We are always seeking smart and motivated interns to help in our Brooklyn office. As an intern your responsibilities will vary. You will be involved in qualitative research for our clients including summaries and analysis of interviews we conduct. You’ll be expected to contribute to our blog. You may also attend workshops as a note-taker and analyst. Our office is small and we all juggle different responsibilities. Our work is equal parts independent and collaborative; we are learning constantly and our culture is very open. We expect our interns to be intellectually curious, self-directed, and able to take a project and follow it through to completion.

Internships are open to current students who have completed two full years of college. We require a minimum commitment of ten weeks and the position is open year-round. We welcome all academic interests and do not require specific coursework in brand strategy or marketing. You must be a thorough researcher, a rigorous analyst, and have a demonstrated ability to write with clarity and finesse. You should be comfortable discussing complex ideas and be confident articulating an argument.

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