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Open House New York

Open House New York Website, Tronvig Group

OHNY website.

We had been in conversations with Open House New York about their website literally for years. Then, finally, this past summer, word came to us that they were ready.

The result of this design effort, done in collaboration with their Paul Lombardi, is a sprawling, image-driven website that showcases the rich architectural treasure trove that is New York City and announces that OHNY makes its mission to open to the public for free every October during its city-wide open house weekend and with other events throughout the year.

The website launched only just in time for this year’s weekend, and it withstood the onslaught of a few hundred thousand page views each day as the city’s many architecture fans sought to obtain their tickets to architectural Nirvana.

One particular feature of the website is its database navigation tool for all the venues for the OHNY weekend. It’s quite a spectacular array of places to see.


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