With offices in Manhattan, Long Island, and Denver, DCW Media has worked for 50 years on the front lines of emerging media. The largest privately held media buying company on the East Coast, DCW has for over ten years given Tronvig access to deep-seated using power and media spending of more than $100M annually. DCW works closely with us on media strategy and media buying so our clients get the benefits of being big when you need it to negotiate and buy media. 


A boutique, we have nearly 30 years of brand strategy and advertising experience and an extensive network of creatives. This enables us to deliver world-class creative work economically. We can comfortably create and manage campaigns from one to ten million in annual spend. 

Museum Exhibition Advertising

Why do an exhibition strategy when it’s more work?

With each new special exhibition campaign, the core questions should be asked afresh:

What is this exhibition?

What is different about it? How does it stand out from everything else that will be going on at the same time?

Who is the target audience?

What will make this target audience care about this particular exhibition?

How does the exhibition align with our core values and organizational mission?

What is the band idea for this exhibition? What is the one thing powerful enough to reach out and sick in the minds of a generally disinterested or distracted public?

We know from experience that the answers are not the answers until we have satisfied the agreed-to strategic requirements for that particular exhibition, established a strong theory as to how the exhibition connects to a clearly identified audience, and checked our strategy against the organization’s mission and values. This is not the same as making a clever or well-designed advertising campaign—it’s more work—but the results speak for themselves in terms of each exhibition advertising campaigns’ capacity to connect with an audience and foster interest and drive attendance.

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Black Abstract: Strategy Before Design

Strategy before design The exhibition headline for this advertising campaign came to President and Lead Strategist of Tronvig Group James Heaton in a dream. But the strategic work


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Museum Exhibition Advertising: Leading with Strategy

Along with our client, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC, we are proud to have won a first prize in the American Alliance


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Lookout: MISS CHELOVE at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) has launched the first of their public art installation series, Lookout, with artist MISS CHELOVE’s four-story tall mural on


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Getting Museum Advertising Right

How do you run a museum exhibition advertising campaign with as little waste as possible? It’s a five-step process. Simple but not easy.


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Brand Value Map

Your complete organizational brand value is distilled into 3 pillars, the intersection of which represents your brand value delivered through experience. This helps us assess the means by which your


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The AI Effect: Navigating the Rise of AI in Marketing

Having worked for over a quarter century in the ever-changing world of advertising, and having collaborated with some excellent professional peers in public relations (PR) throughout that time, I’ve witnessed


Museum Marketing

It’s about what you do, why you do it, and how you do it differently from others. In other words, your brand has to be built on organizational strategy. The people on the inside – employees, donors, and other stakeholders – are just as important as customers, visitors, or prospects.

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