Lincoln Park Zoo

“I’ve been through 4 different processes with 4 different agencies over my years here. Tronvig Group’s is the only one that worked.”
Peggy Martin, Senior Director of Design and Communications, Lincoln Park Zoo


Lincoln Park Zoo is a beloved free urban zoo that was communicating about itself only at a superficial level that ignored the depth of its offer. They were using beautifully executed marketing material featuring animals and exhibits with no reference to their significant role as leaders in animal care, science, and education. This is a beautifully produced advertisement using clever language. It is easy to understand how it was created and approved. No blame can be applied here. It is simply an illustration of the absence of a strategy. The ad, therefore, operated almost entirely on the “What” level (features and attributes) of the Brand Pyramid.



Our Discovery Workshop was able to establish a Brand Pyramid that truly speaks to who they are and why they matter. It culminated in the Brand Idea “More than a zoo.” We then used the Brand Pyramid as a rubric for a range of tactical applications.

In addition to the Brand Pyramid, we created Competitive Advantage Diagrams for multiple target audiences. This allowed for marketing communications that were both tailored and tightly aligned with the brand strategy.


Our creative work capitalized on each level of the Brand Pyramid. It sought to emphasize the zoo’s place in the Chicago community, as well as its role as an animal conservation leader and its ability to connect visitors with its mission.

As a direct result of Tronvig Group’s work, the whole organization has made a perceptible shift. Conflicts between departments have begun to resolve themselves, and our control over outside service providers has grown dramatically, producing better results. — Peggy Martin, Senior Dir. of Design & Communications, Lincoln Park Zoo

Tronvig Group Creative Credits: Art Director Anne Mieth. Creative Director: James Heaton.

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