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ICI French Country Kitchen

Post published in April, 2013

ICI Restaurant, French Country Kitchen, Tronvig Group

Tronvig Group developed the brand strategy and the new brand, as well as brand applications such as menus, signage, and a new website, for this local Brooklyn farm-to-table restaurant and event space. ICI French Country Kitchen, Est. Brooklyn 2004 is located between the Ft. Greene and Clinton Hill neighborhoods in Brooklyn and is within walking distance from our new office.

As part of our research, the whole staff got to go and have dinner at ICI a couple of times, and for me, the first time we did this, it was a kind of revelation. We sampled a wide array of their seasonal offerings and among these was a roast chicken from a local farm (all her food is meticulously sourced locally and served only in season). This chicken was hands down the best chicken I have ever had in my life. Bar none. This was not just my opinion either, as everyone else on the staff who tried it had to agree. It was almost shocking how good something so simply prepared could be.

It was almost shocking how good something so simply prepared could be.

So we are proud to have been able to help Catherine Saillard who created and has operated this wonderful restaurant in a classic Brooklyn brownstone on DeKalb Avenue since 2004. Having ICI as a client almost makes us want to take on other restaurant clients. Almost. (We did work for a short time with LeCirque, but that’s another story.)

ICI personas

I will say it was quite interesting to enter her world and the minds of Brooklyn’s many restaurant consumers. We did quite extensive persona work, and we now have very good profiles of about 9 different types of Brooklynites.

In addition to that chicken, I will always cherish the following compliment paid to us as we were going through our discovery process with Catherine:

“I learned more about my own business in the last four hours with you than I have in the past 8 years of running it.”

It sounded even better with a French accent.


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