“Your vision is to make the world better, our job is to help…by making sure YOU are more strategic.”

James Heaton

It turns out that the simplest questions are often the hardest…questions like “Who is this really for?” and “Why should they care?”

The vast majority of everyone’s marketing money is wasted. That’s the money you are spending on audiences whose behavior you would have to change in order to get them to do what you want, and the money you are spending talking to those who cannot hear what you are saying because of the 3,500 (on average in America) marketing messages they get EVERY DAY, yours is not compelling enough for THEM.

Just to be clear, you are already spending a lot of money on marketing, even if you don’t call it “marketing” in your budget. You are spending money on your website, or perhaps local advertising, or events, exhibitions, conferences, customer service training…every penny you devote to communicating your value to the world is money you are spending on marketing. How much of this money is being effectively applied on the right audiences—the ones who are ready to hear it—and how much of that money is actually serving your larger strategic objectives? (Please refer to the questions in paragraph 1 above.)

What does Tronvig Group do?

Our core expertise: 1. Marketing Strategy. 2. Brand Strategy 3. Organizational Alignment

You may have noticed that we use the word “strategy” a lot. So do a lot of other people who mean by it, “Don’t I sound impressive!” Here is what we mean: It is finding the means to achieve your goals with the least possible expenditure of effort. Put another way, it’s how to stop wasting your money.

Strategy is about making the right choices so you can spend your limited resources where and with whom they will have the greatest possible effect. You must understand that no one buys what you sell. Instead, they buy what is of value to them. This means that understanding what your consumers truly value is the key to effective marketing. In our parlance, knowing this and acting on it is what being strategic actually means. Here is an example: Bronx Museum Case Study

So, you may have noticed that this “About Us” page has a lot about you. We think that says a great deal about us.

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