Angle Park Media Installations Partner

“We’ve worked for and with other marketing firms for decades, but Tronvig Group was the strategist that finally showed us a way to systemize our gut instincts and galvanize our thinking. Successful marketing requires complete alignment between values, the offering, the way to market, and the operations that back up those efforts. It’s a perpetual work in progress, but with the right strategy, those efforts gain focus and result in a virtuous cycle of deeper engagements with the right customers.”

Angle Park creates media installations for museums and experiential spaces. Through “Brave Storytelling,” it catalyzes relationships between end-clients and teams that build places where visitors encounter ideas. Angle Park spurs workgroups to fearlessly tackle the ever-expanding array of digital media forms, wrangle difficult content and deploy complicated technology. Clients include major museums, universities, corporations, cultural institutions and sports venues, as well as the designers and builders that serve those clients.

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