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Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

We’ve gotten excellent results … I’ve been singing your praises.

John D’Alberto, Director of Sales and Marketing, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer


Grant’s Interest Rate Observer is one of the nation’s most thoughtful and respected journals of finance with an annual subscription price of over $1,000. Tronvig was engaged to update the Grant’s brand and help restore subscription growth.



Grant's Interest Rate Observer



Grant's Interest Rate Observer


Research on the needs of both subscribers and prospects allowed for the optimization of the website’s user interface and a separation of retention efforts from new subscriber acquisition efforts for the first time. We also got Jim Grant more comfortable with current marketing tools leading to his debut on Twitter and eventually the inauguration of weekly podcasts. We helped transition the company from direct mail marketing to digital marketing as its core marketing activity.

Grant's market potentialGrant's Interest Rate Observer marketing discovery

Tronvig Credits: Anne Mieth, Art Director and Creative Director, James Heaton

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