The Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid

Brand Pyramid Test

To determine if your organization needs a Brand Pyramid, ask five to ten individuals at different levels within the organization to write down their unprompted answers to these five questions:

  1. What business are we in?
  2. How do we deliver value—and how do we do so differently from our competition?
  3. Why does our core customer (client or audience) care about us?
  4. What are our core values?
  5. What is our Brand Idea?

If the answers you get are all consistent, you don’t need one. If they are widely divergent, you do.

Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid Video Offer

Please click on “Purchase the Full Tutorial Today” to purchase and view. This video is packed with insights if not all the spiffy graphics that we are adding to the upcoming release, but to reward you for purchasing this version we offer two extra benefits:

  1. As a an early adopter you have the opportunity to schedule a one-hour call with Tronvig Group founder and lead strategist, James Heaton to review your progress, answer questions, or assess your built version of the Brand Pyramid.
  2. You will get free access to the updated 2017 version.

What is a Brand Pyramid?

A Brand Pyramid is a deceptively simple tiered analytical diagram that expresses organizational consensus on fundamental questions. We use Brand Pyramids to diagnose and subsequently strengthen the brand strategy of an organization and its products. We have two versions of the Brand Pyramid and use one or both depending on the nature and complexity of the situation. The standard version is a variant of a commonly used scheme:

  1. Features and attributesTronvig Group Brand Pyramid
  2. Tangible benefits
  3. Emotional benefits
  4. Brand personality
  5. Brand essence

We use an adjusted version of this with our own questions noted in the “test” above. We also have a more complex version.

A Brand Pyramid should be used as a tool to assess products, behaviors or plans (any real or intended tactical application of an organization’s brand strategy) in order to ensure that they are aligned.

The Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid

Is your brand strategy directly supported by organizational and operational practice?

The Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid facilitates alignment, but it also incorporates an organization’s overall strategic direction so that your brand strategy is linked to your organizational (or corporate) strategy. By clarifying brand questions along with larger strategic questions, the Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid can facilitate awareness and build consensus around both your brand strategy and your organization’s strategic direction. This means you can more easily do what you say and thus keep your brand promise.  

Why do I need a Brand Pyramid?

Getting your brand right internally is actually the key to getting it right out in the world.

The Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid frames and organizes the key elements of your brand into a single framework so that you can effectively cultivate consistency. Regardless of your size, this internal consistency and a shared understanding of your brand is essential in order to proactively cultivate how you are perceived in the marketplace. Getting your brand right internally is actually the key to getting it right out in the world.

Our Brand Pyramid is also a foundational tool in developing other essential tools for your business or organization such as your visual brand system and messaging framework. Finally, it directly supports our more advanced work such as organizational alignment and management consulting.

Can I create my own?


We have created a do-it-yourself version in the hope that organizations that cannot afford our Strategy Workshops will be able to take advantage of this powerful strategic tool. A video walk-through explains each level of the Brand Pyramid and asks the same questions we ask in our live workshops. It also features some of the stories that we tell to help you communicate the importance of a good answer to each question. With this video, you will be able to understand the Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid and know how it is built, and hopefully you will be able to build your own. A well-thought-out Brand Pyramid has the capacity to expose strategic weaknesses and set you on the path to resolving them.

Using the Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid has tremendous benefits for companies and organizations of all types and sizes.

If you are not able to bring us in to run one of our Strategy Workshops for you, this “how to” is the next best thing. Without any wait and for a tiny fraction of the cost of an in-person workshop, you can take advantage of Tronvig Group’s potent full version of this useful strategic tool. That’s the thought anyway.

Please let us know how it goes. This suggestion is quite literal:

  • While we are in alpha with this video, you have the opportunity to schedule a one-hour call with James Heaton to review your progress, answer questions, or assess your version of the Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid.
  • You will get free access to the video as it is updated.

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