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Marketing Targets Diagram

What is a Marketing Targets Diagram?

A Marketing Targets Diagram is a simplified outtake of our persona diagnostic. It shows how marketing resources can be most effectively spent based on what we learned from the diagnostic process.

This can be supplemented by confirming research to challenge the hypotheses.

Marketing Targets Diagram

The diagram presents a strategic hypothesis that clarifies which of your marketing targets should have marketing resources applied toward them, which of them should be addressed by other means, and which are not likely to yield sufficient return on investment in economic or brand terms.

How to read the Marketing Targets Diagram

  • The inner ring indicates our recommendation for primary marketing targets based on everything we learned from discovery.
  • The secondary ring includes all those personas who are already captured or who can be influenced positively by communications focused on the primary targets.
  • Those on the border of the secondary ring are suggested secondary special case marketing targets that are not likely to be directly impacted by the primary target message and therefore require customized special marketing or sales action.
  • The outer ring includes the personas that are set to be outside the reach of current marketing expenditure.

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