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What Is a Brand?

What is a brand?

Brands are often thought about in very limited terms but in reality, they exercise tremendous power in every kind of business or organization.

You can have control of your brand, but not just with a new logo or tagline. Here, James Heaton asks the question in a workshop at Tenement Museum in New York City. The answer they come to should expand your view of your own brand and what it will take to control it.

Why rebrand?

If you feel that your current brand inadequately represents your organization, you may be considering rebranding. A rebrand should never be undertaken lightly. The effort required is too great, and the implications too significant, to start without a very good reason. But if you do have a strong rationale, the long-term benefits can be substantial. In some cases, a rebrand can be of existential importance. But success rarely comes without pain and failures along the way.

How best can one insulate the project from the risks? It starts with having a solid underlying rationale. The more robust and well-communicated the “Why” is, the easier the work will be, and the easier it will be for insiders to support the outcomes. To look in depth at legitimate reasons that are sufficient on their own to justify a rebrand, gathered from the last 20 years of experience, head over to our post Why Rebrand?.

Test the strength of your brand.

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What is a brand?


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