Tronvig Group in the Red Zone

Tronvig Group is closed 10/29 & 10/30 (further updates below):

Due to the New York City’s transportation system being shut down and our offices sitting in the Red Zone, or “Zone A,” New York City’s mandatory evacuation zone as shown on the map below, we are closed today, 10/29, and tomorrow, 10/30.

Tronvig Group is on the second floor of our building, and as of now, the building still has power, but it’s right on the East River, which is currently experiencing record storm surges from Hurricane Sandy…so we are not there.

We are still answering emails and have access to our server, for now. Chin up.

We hope that you and yours keep safe and dry.


Update 11:00 AM 10/30/12:

Our building flooded last night and is without power. It looks like it may remain so for the next few days. The office suite right next to ours was flooded, but ours came through essentially unscathed. We are setting up temporary offices in central Brooklyn now and arranging for surface transportation for our local employees.

See this Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press photo from the New York Times showing the area behind our building last night.


We should have something akin to normal services by tomorrow, Halloween.

Temporary Offices 10/31/12:

Our temporary offices are operational with server, internet, and workstations.

Commute Home 11/1/12:

by Mike Suh, Senior Art Director

After leaving our temporary offices in Flatbush at about 6:15PM to catch the bus through Manhattan, I waited at the bus stop for about 2 hours. I asked a local bus driver who stopped if the bus to NYC was still running, and he said “Yes”. Another local bus came, and he said, “It’s running.” I asked a third driver, and she said, “It’s too late for the NYC bus, but I can get you to Barclay Center to catch the shuttle bus.” I got on, and the bus immediately got stuck on a three-lane road with cars backed up more than a mile waiting for gas. After about an hour of sitting there, I got out and walked 10 blocks to Barclay Center and finally got on the shuttle bus into the city.

Riding back though Manhattan and seeing the Lower East Side was so eery. It was pitch black with nothing but flares on the ground and traffic cops with light sticks guiding traffic.

Then I finally realized how devastating Sandy really was. I’ll make an attempt tomorrow to get back to the office.

By the way, lunch was great.

Office Power Restored 11/3/12:

Our 20 Jay Street office electricity is restored, but not the internet…

Office Expected Fully Restored by 11/7/12:

We hope to be fully restored including the internet and all staff by Wednesday, November 7th. The office phones are working. Most staff are still working remotely.

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Ask for help.

We are kind, thorough and ready when you are. You just need to ask.


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Ask for help.

We are kind, thorough and ready when you are. You just need to ask.