Luxury Big Island

Case Study

Tronvig work

Through our brand diagnostic, we clarified the primary customers for Luxury Big Island from whom 80% of the business was derived and then built all the brand assets to address their needs.


  • Branding
  • Brand messaging
  • Customer research
  • Core values
  • SEO strategy

“In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Tronvig and GreyBox have been my strategic and creative partners in rapidly growing this business.”

Harold Clarke / President, Luxury Big Island Real Estate


Luxury Big Island was selling its features and benefits and did not have a clear understanding of the needs of its target audience. Therefore, it had a corporate identity that didn’t match the needs of its real target. It was also selling to the general public instead of a clearly defined customer.


Luxury Big Island


Luxury Big Island GreyBox Creative

Brand Pyramid

1. What Is Luxury Big Island?

Hawaii’s most innovative and marketing-focused luxury real estate firm

2. How does Luxury Big Island deliver its benefits?

  • Driven by client success
  • Our values
  • Investment in marketing
  • Development of technology
  • Investment in growing our network

3. Why? (Emotional drivers)

  • Safety
  • Marketing and global connections are stronger
  • Take care of you
  • The best Hawaii has to offer
  • What is the best property in Hawaii
  • Able to find buyers
  • Someone who wants to be the best
  • Privacy within sale

4. Core Values

  • Elegant
  • Energetic
  • Decent
  • Courageous

5. Brand Idea

We Care

Discovery: Competitive Advantage Diagram

In addition to the Brand Pyramid, we created Competitive Advantage Diagrams for multiple target audiences. This allowed for marketing communications that were both tailored and tightly aligned with the brand strategy.

Persona: Mike Meyer, Second Home Buyer
66 years old, Male, Resort Home

  1. Gourmet food
  2. Good wine
  3. Large, beautiful mansion
  4. Impress friends
  5. Golf
  6. Tennis
  7. Spend time with family
  8. Be in total control of everything/ do things his own way
  9. Have inside knowledge of real estate issues (who has bought houses around him, etc.)
  10. Personal integrity/be treated with respect
  11. Total comfort
  12. Travel
  13. Stay up to date with financial news
  14. Keep working
  15. Seek knowledge through personal connections
  16. Gossip about neighbors
  1. Escape from people and outside world’s influence
  2. Peacefulness
  3. Preserve investment/real estate value
  4. Have enough room for guests
  5. Design house down to the last detail
  6. Not overspend, save every last dollar
  7. Amenities nearby
  8. Freedom from worries
  9. “Better life”
  10. Be “in the middle of nowhere”
  11. Easy-to-use website
  12. Elegant-looking website
  13. Build something together with his wife
  14. Agent who is easy to reach
  15. Access to all information about listings
  16. Make all the right business decisions
  1. Happy marriage
  2. Excellent service from staff
  3. Trust people around him
  4. Website showing listings in relation to golf course
  5. Website that conveys agent’s successfulness
  6. Website that conveys that his agent will truly care about his concerns
  7. Agent who is successful and very knowledgeable
  8. Agent who will show as many different listings as it takes
  9. Absence of club politics
  10. Website that gives detailed context for properties
  11. Website with map of locations that shows what has sold
  12. Agent who is accessible at any time of day/goes above and beyond


GreyBox Creative used our insights to strategically build an identity and website with features that would drive consumer behavior. The goal of the identity is to portray a sense of exclusivity and luxury. The identity should be understated but memorable: The imagery of the island and the properties will speak volumes. Luxury Big Island should appeal to an older generation of wealthy individuals who want a no-nonsense approach and a realtor who has a high degree of knowledge and understanding—a realtor who cares about both buyers and sellers.


LBI Big Island results 2
LBI Big Island results

The target persona that was established in our insight was a wealthy and powerful executive. These characteristics are predictable. More subtle were his analytical personality and need for a high density of information. We called him Mike. In reality, he turned out to be Howard—Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, with his $25 million purchase.