Intelligent 401k

Case Study

Tronvig work

Helping Intelligent 401k build the brand from the ground up, we conducted our Discovery Workshop followed by qualitative research to develop a company name, full brand strategy, and a marketing website.


  • Naming
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Brand voice
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing strategy
  • Core values
  • Website redesign & development
steve demarest

“It was crucial to have Tronvig as a knowledgeable partner to help us make fundamental decisions like defining our target customer, setting our Core Values, and devising a fantastic company name.”

Steve Demarest / Founder and CEO, Intelligent 401k
intelligent 401k


The startup’s co-founders had started building out their business and reached the point where a company name and brand strategy were needed to get to the next step: developing a website and marketing their offer.

intelligent 401k


Intelligent 401k is fully up and running with a clear understanding of its market position, value proposition, target audiences, and brand personality. Its website and visual identity are grounded in a comprehensive brand strategy that ensures the company’s tone of voice, look and feel, and messaging are all consistently on brand.

Discovery: Marketing Targets Diagram

Our qualitative market research revealed a clear psychographic target customer group: motivated delegators between the ages of 32 and 45. Motivated delegators think long term, save money each month, and look for an expert to whom they will entrust the responsibility to help them financially.

intelligent 401k

Target A Millennial Motivated Delegator (26–31 years old)

Target B Older Millennial Motivated Delegator (32–45 years old)

Target C 46–55 years old

Target D 55+ years old

Target E Millennial Overconfident Idealist

Target F Millennial Overwhelmed Doubter

Inner “Marketing” ring: The customers the organization’s marketing resources should be directed toward

Middle “Sales” ring: The customers who will likely respond positively to the organization’s message even though they are not being targeted directly

Outer “Abandon” ring: The customers the organization should not pursue in any capacity

Target A: The customers who could be targeted but would likely require a separate marketing effort

Brand Pyramid

Our Discovery Workshop with the company’s co-founders yielded strong hypotheses that were then refined through qualitative research. In-depth interviews provided us with a clear competitive advantage and consumer-friendly language to better articulate the value proposition. The Core Values that were devised in the Discovery Workshop were used to inform the brand’s personality, both verbally and visually.

1. What

Intelligent 401k is an A.I.-driven 401k plan optimizer.

2a. How—Competitive advantage

  • Powered by pioneering artificial intelligence that proactively responds to changes in the market

2b. How—Other essential customer benefits

  • Easy to use (very simple to understand and put in place)
  • Personalized to your needs, circumstances, and goals
  • Secure and protected against fraud and service outages

3. Why?

  • To have a 401k plan optimizer that is easy to use
  • To have a 401k plan optimizer that proactively responds to market changes
  • To have a 401k plan optimizer that is personalized to my needs, circumstances, and goals
  • To know that my 401k plan optimizer is prepared against possible cyberattacks and glitches
  • To feel like I’m on the right track financially
  • To feel like I’m getting the best bang for my buck
  • To know that my 401k plan optimizer is made by a reputable company that has staying power

4. Core Values

  • Brain power (always find the most intelligent solution)
  • We got this (we take charge)
  • Simplicity (make it easy for everyone else)

5. Brand Idea

Intelligent 401k



Visual identity rooted in the brand’s Core Values


Company name that doubles as a Brand Idea


Flexible logotype rooted in Intelligent 401k’s brand personality: clever and confident

intelligent 401k

Along with the logotype, we supplied brand standards defining:

  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Illustration style
  • Brand collateral
intelligent 401k
  • Marketing website that speaks to older millennial motivated delegators
  • Streamlined new user onboarding process
  • Brand-specific SVG animation
  • Tiered pricing that responds to target customers’ budgets and needs
intelligent 401k

Tronvig Credits: Mark Davis, Art Director and James Heaton, Creative Director