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Clutch Announces Tronvig as Top B2B Consulting Firm

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We’re pleased to share that Tronvig has been named a “Top B2B Consulting Firm” by Clutch. It’s important to celebrate success to be able to build on it, so please allow us to take a moment to reflect on some of the positive feedback we’ve received from clients.

From our early days, clients recognized our “rare ability to always think strategically, but also be able to think that through to effective tactical actions” (Maya Wiley, Founder, Center for Social Inclusion). We’ve continued our strategic consulting over the years, getting institutions back to their mission, “restoring [the] seed” to the company (CEO, financial services firm), “[empowering] people to start a movement” (CEO, asset management firm), and “[introducing] a new paradigm of thinking” (CEO, acoustics engineering firm).

Far from a “cookie-cutter consulting approach, with only a study of the market and of key people,” we’ve been able to employ a rare “mastery of organizational development theory” to steer our clients in reaching an “excellent understanding of [their] brand” (Heidi Ruhe, Corporate Strategist, Ingalls). When describing our B2B relationship, “partnership” (Nancy Haitch, VP External Relations, Helen Keller International) is a word that comes up often. We know “what it means to be on [your] team” (Catherine M. Callaway, VP Marketing and Development, Visiting Nurse Service of New York).

“You know what it means to be on our team.” —Catherine M. Callaway, VP Marketing & Development, VNSNY

While our core expertise lies in guiding existing institutions with organizational alignment and rebranding initiatives, we’ve also helped new businesses make fundamental decisions, as “the steady hand of a knowledgeable partner” (Jon Floyd, Co-Founder, Intelligent401k). This now includes those who may not be able to afford our full services, as we’ve created a Brand Pyramid Tutorial, providing an “extremely practical” resource (Akila McConnell, Founder, Atlanta Food Walks) that lays out “a framework to rethink everything” about their business (Andrew Jensen, Founder, Fusioned Family). A tool that makes the necessary but arduous and complicated strategic planning “much more manageable” (Don Waisanen, Founder & President, Communication Upward), our tutorial has been described as a “motivator” that inspires (Linda Provenza, Principal, Strategies for Change).

We’re thankful for the opportunity to partner with clients who care deeply about their work and gratified to hear that our consulting services are making an impact.

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