Year-End Message From Tronvig

So far this holiday season all that many of you got from us was a warning about upgrading your version of WordPress to protect it from malware. I thought we should do something else to express our gratitude for your business, conversation, and support this year.

The idea we came up with was to pick one of our nonprofit clients, explain a bit about what they do, make a donation to them, and tell you about it. This idea has a triple benefit: this nonprofit gets a little boost, you learn about them, and we get to show you some of what we did for them and maybe this gives you ideas for yourself. This year we choose


We have not done their website improvements or introductory video yet so we can’t show you that, but we did create a Facebook welcome page for them a few months back to help them build their following and to better explain what they do. provides zero interest loans to viable small businesses in Haiti as a means to support sustainable economic development there. The loans are qualified and administered on the ground in Haiti through Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest microfinance institution.

We just created a new team, “Tronvig Group and friends,” and made a small loan to a really great project in rural Haiti. When this project is fully funded (hopefully in the next 9 days) a $6,750 loan will go out to this business so they can provide peanut seeds to local growers helping to sustain 50 local farmers and increasing their own supply of peanuts to meet local demand for the peanut products that they produce and sell. Please read about the project and loan through our team to see if we can fulfill this loan before it closes. To quote the Zafen Facebook page about this project: “The organization has effectively transformed the area into a green space and built a road allowing easy transport into the nearest city, reducing transportation costs for farmers to go sell their goods.”

If this loan gets fully funded then next year about this same time, we will all get our loans back and be able to loan again to another small business. In this way, this money will be able to keep on helping Haiti in the years to come.

Happy holidays from everyone at the Tronvig Group.

The project was fully funded by the end of the year, and all the money was repaid on schedule to all those contributing a loan. According to the update on the website, the organization has 36 farmers who are beneficiaries in their program. Thanks for all your help.

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2 thoughts on “Year-End Message From Tronvig

  1. Denise Mattson says:

    Thanks Tronvig! Your excellent work for Zafen has helped a start-up project become much more savvy in reaching key audiences and enabling more people to help Haiti via microloans.

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Ask for help.

We are kind, thorough and ready when you are. You just need to ask.