The Tronvig Method (Brand Pyramid Tutorial)

“Branding had been a huge struggle for us: in the past three years, I’ve worked with a business coach, gone to multiple seminars and attended conferences, and yet this is the first time that I really feel confident in our brand and brand package. The guided tutorial is extremely practical—we were able to sit down with our team and do everything ourselves, and then to have follow-up sessions with James was so helpful.”
– Akila McConnell, Founder, Atlanta Food Walks
“The tutorial has provided me with a framework to rethink everything about my business.”
– Andrew Jensen, Fusioned Family
“I had high expectations, but this was even better than I thought it would be. This is sturdy. Now I have what I need to build on for as long as Maison May rolls.”
– Catherine May, Founder and CEO, Maison May
“I finished the tutorials and they were excellent—easy to understand and vivid by example. I am feeling excited and inspired. What a great morning—what I thought was a task turned out to be a motivator!”
– Linda Provenza, Founder, Strategies for Change
“I thought the videos were excellent. They really helped tie together where we are going in this process.”
– Steve Demarest, Entrepreneur, Intelligent401k
“It’s a streamlined strategic planning tool. All businesses need strategic planning and it is usually arduous and complicated. This makes it much more manageable.”
– Don Waisanen, PhD, Founder and CEO, Mission Upward

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