Photography is a rapidly evolving field, and photographic tastes continue to change with the technology. Yet great photography can still mean the difference between “just ok” and great. There is still a market for great talent in photography.

The role of photography

Photography, like all other assets in a project or advertising campaign must function in the service of a strategy, but the details of the execution matter greatly. Note how a website can be destroyed and stripped of originality by the decision to use stock photography. Poor choice of photographer can likewise kill an advertising or marketing campaign.

As humans we are—most of us—extremely visual and highly sensitive to seemingly subtle shifts in tone and detail. The average person can recognize 10,000 faces. This is incredible processing power. You want this to be working for your marketing or branding efforts, not against them, and the difference between case A and case B can be very subtle.

Photography is often the glue that holds a concept together. Without intelligent choices here, much of the other hard work that must go into a campaign, marketing program, branding execution or website can be rendered nearly meaningless.

Choosing a photographer

We work with a wide selection of professional photographers, each with his or her own take of his or her art and the world. Some are highly versatile and take art direction very well, others go about their work in very specific ways. There are literally ALL manner of photographers, and the selection and direction of their creative work is often of nearly inestimable importance.

As an ancillary service to photographic work and depending again on the strategy and underlying concept, creative retouching is often critically important for the final effect.

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