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Metropolitan College of New York

The Metropolitan College of New York engaged Tronvig to take over all advertising agency responsibilities for student recruitment. The key challenge was to be up and running quickly with a Bronx-focused campaign.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Event advertising
  • Brand advertising
  • Recruitment advertising
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“I’ve worked with higher education service providers and marketing agencies for more than 10 years … The stark difference with Tronvig was apparent from the first conversation. Tronvig focuses on the thinking and intention behind every creative element. This ensures alignment with our brand strengths while allowing us to test new creative options in a targeted way. They also understand the nature of higher education politics and what’s important for prospective students. Our team and senior leadership both are thoroughly impressed by their work!”

Ken Cutts / Director of Enrollment Marketing, Metropolitan College of New York


At the end of August 2021, MCNY needed to create a Bronx-focused student recruitment campaign for which there were no ready assets and no time for custom photography, and yet the campaign needed to feel authentic to prospects in the South Bronx.


The South Bronx is simultaneously the poorest community in the United States and a community with a strong feeling of pride with respect to the Bronx. The campaign needed to be approachable and feel authentic to the Bronx.

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“Seeing these guys come up with ideas to solve an issue I might bring up, and then watch them fix it live with us right there on the call—it was totally new to me. Tronvig takes teamwork to a whole new level.”

Shawana Singletary / Former Director of Admissions, Metropolitan College of New York



New creative launched on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Programmatic Display for a cost-effective and rapid response


Different copy and imagery for retargeting tactics from prospecting display for all degrees was created to prevent audience fatigue from marketing


Every step in the enrollment funnel was inspected, from ensuring there were degree-specific landing pages to providing superior retargeting


The Bronx landing page was overhauled to be more inviting and informative, reducing unconscious friction in the prospective’s recruiting process


Utilized strategic asset management and in-the-wing relationships to generate a brand-new TV spot and radio spots to reflect an improved understanding of the audience

MCNY Actions Examples
MCNY Actions Examples


The campaign performance was more than double the industry benchmark, yielding a meaningful drop in the cost per lead.