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Madeline Schwartzman’s See Yourself Sensing Website

Madeline Schwartzman’s See Yourself Sensing Website, Tronvig Group

Rarely do you get handed a project with some of the coolest, strangest images and ideas on the planet as your visual assets. This was the case for the book website for Madeline Schwartzman’s “See Yourself Sensing.”

Madeline is a filmmaker and thinker, and a teacher at Parsons School of Design and Barnard. She is also the author of one of the more interesting books in existence—”See Yourself Sensing,” a survey of artists who are dealing with the effects of perception. This is not art for art’s sake, this is art for the sake of a more acute understanding of our world, and how we create it with our minds and bodies.

If you don’t think that’s interesting, well, please go back and watch that cat video again. It serves your musty noggin right.

Our website for “See Yourself Sensing” is nothing special, but it’s a stylistically appropriate vessel for some incredibly cool visual content, and a good example of one of the operating principals of all Tronvig Group’s design work: it’s not about us.

We are NOT in the business of pushing an agency style. If you shine, we shine also, but only in the light you are reflecting out on the world.


See Yourself Sensing

Madeline Schwartzman talks about this project on a Huffington Post video here.

As an addendum Madeline posted this variation of her book cover augmented by one of her daughters on Facebook.

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