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Branding Beyond the BS

What are a few of the most common pieces of BS that people believe about branding? Watch as Tronvig Group President and Creative Director James Heaton breaks down each at the Network!Network! Forum in New York City:

Branding BS #1

Do lots of stuff.

Our brains are based on the principle of efficiency. Your organization, product, and services may be complex and nuanced but your brand cannot be if you want it to stick in the minds of your customers. If there are many components to the brand, they simply will not bother.

Branding BS #2

Visuals are the core.

Brands need to be built on internal practices that then manifest to the outside in a visual form. It cannot merely be a pretty logo. You and your organization must first answer foundational questions, such as: Who are we? How do we deliver value to our customers? What do we believe in?

The internal aspect is of utmost importance to the brand but it’s often left out by branding agencies because it’s very hard work.

Branding BS #3

Brands are about you.

A brand is like a “you sandwich”: the middle is the customer, sandwiched by you on either side. It should address Peter Drucker’s five most important questions:

  1. What is our mission? You.
  2. Who is our customer? Not you.
  3. What does the customer value? Not you.
  4. What are our results? Mix of you & not you.
  5. What is the plan? You. (Hint: The plan needs to involve abandonment.)

So there you have it. Call out any BS you see and make certain that you are on the path to building a powerful brand. Contact us if you need help.

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