Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

As a direct result of Tronvig Group’s work, the whole organization has made a perceptible shift. Conflicts between departments have begun to resolve themselves, and our control over outside service providers has grown dramatically, producing better results.

Tronvig Group has helped us think far more clearly about targeting and audience segmentation. Where we once looked at every marketing challenge from only our own vantage point, now we have a system that helps us apply the perspective of the consumer in each particular case.

– Peggy Martin, Senior Director of Design and Communications, Lincoln Park Zoo

Feedback Comments from the Brand Strategy Diagnostic Workshop:

This is the 4th or 5th session like this I have been in over the years. I came in this morning skeptical and thinking, “Oh, here we go again.” I came out feeling inspired. I’m surprised how that was possible from a session like this.

– Troy Baresel, CFO & Sr. V.P. Operations, Lincoln Park Zoo

Communication is hard, and we have such complex missions, objectives and goals. It’s nice to get a lot of different perspectives and opinions, but what I liked most was that while we get so caught up in who we think we are and who we want to be, this is one of the first times we’ve really been able to step out of that and ask, ‘What do people perceive us to be?’ and ‘What do they want from us?’

– Marybeth Johnson, Vice President, Lincoln Park Zoo

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