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Website Copywriting

As with our other asset development services, website copywriting services are nearly always part of a larger project, and carried out in accordance with a strategic and tactical plan.

The work of website copywriting can take different forms. It could be simply a matter of adjustments to existing copy or additional copy in accordance with the brand strategy or marketing plan. It could also involve a complete rewrite done either by us directly or orchestrated using outside talent with particular category expertise.

Copy for a website is ideally part of a tactical execution that is operating within a strategic framework and generated from an understanding of who is being addressed and what their needs are.

Website copywriting, like all copywriting should move you in the direction of improved communication with your designated target customers.

Tracy Oats lays out the playing field for website copywriting here in her post on the subject: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Rewarding.

People do still read. Perhaps not as much as they once did, but what you say on your website, as in all brand and marketing communications, is still quite important. Getting it right can mean a great deal for your sales process.

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