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VNSNY B2C Advertising


The work we’ve done together with Tronvig has contributed to an undeniable direction forward with our brand.

Catherine M. Callaway, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Development, Visiting Nurse Service of New York


In 2018, transformation in the health care industry was significant. Advertising spend was limited and above the line had been completely dark for a few years resulting in a loss of top-of-mind awareness.



VNSNY is an organization rooted in a commitment to serving its communities. Its advertising needs to be powerful, personal, and authentic, highlighting the resilience and bravery of its caregivers and extended care teams, as well as the patients and members they serve.


Brand Pyramid

The following organizational Brand Pyramid was developed in workshops with representatives from all functional units and levels of the organization, from the frontline to the CEO. It serves as the strategic foundation for all of VNSNY’s advertising campaigns.

5. Brand Idea
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4. Core Values

  • Empathy
  • Agility
  • Integrity

3. Why?

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2. How does VNSNY deliver its benefits?

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1. What is VNSNY?
The nation’s leading home- and community-based health care organization.

Internal 125th Anniversary Campaign

An internal campaign was devised to help boost organizational morale, celebrating the work that VNSNY’s team members have done and continue to do, no matter the challenges that come their way.


No matter how difficult the situation, you are always there with intelligence and a can-do approach. You know what it means to be on our team.

Catherine M. Callaway, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Development, Visiting Nurse Service of New York


Touching 48,000 Lives Campaign

In 2019, we launched an assuring metro-wide public awareness campaign.


We had the Quarterly Meeting with the Business Development team, and as part of the Marketing Update, I played the radio commercial. It received a completely unexpected ovation from the entire group of over 50 people. Thank you again for this awesome piece of work.

Liz Solomon, Director of Marketing, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

The black and white photography for this campaign depicted interactions between VNSNY caregivers and patients. The 48,000 Lives copy spoke directly to the organization’s widespread impact on a daily basis.


Out-of-home advertising across the NYC metro area was a significant element of the campaign.


To build awareness, we leveraged digital display, video, search engine marketing, and other tactics combined with a significant cross section of traditional media placements.


First Choice Campaign

For the opening of 2020, we launched an updated awareness campaign focused on the pride of New Yorkers.


James and the entire Tronvig team! So grateful for your partnership and proud of all we’ve accomplished – it is really incredible!

Amy Margolis, Vice President of Marketing, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

From sketches, to casting, to shooting the campaign, Tronvig spearheaded brand new photography. VNSNY team members were cast to represent their roles as nurses, therapists, counselors, and home health aides. We created assets to be flexible enough to work in small digital units as well as on bus sides.


Help Us Help New Yorkers Right Now Campaign

Within weeks of the 2020 campaign launch, COVID-19 transformed New York and we had less than a week to pivot. We created a powerful campaign to help raise funds and awareness for VNSNY’s role in the fight against the coronavirus.


The campaign was built around selfies taken by VNSNY frontline team members as they bravely did their jobs in the field.


Covid Organic Social Campaign

As the pandemic raged, the internal campaign we had developed for VNSNY in 2018 became relevant again so we translated it into an organic social media campaign and relaunched it externally.


We drafted accompanying copy for the social media posts, adding context to VNSNY’s team members’ truly courageous stories and bringing them to life.


Tronvig Credits:  Sarah AhrensAnne Mieth & Florencia Garcia, Mark Davis, Art Directors;
James Heaton, Creative Director

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