The importance of video as a brand asset, communications tool, and marketing vehicle is rapidly expanding. Video can have a dramatic impact on a range of outcomes including conversion rates, SEO effectiveness, and content retention.

We are in an increasingly video-driven age, and how one responds to this reality is important. Similar to our work with photographers, we employ a wide range of videographers and video editors in accordance with the marketing strategy, audience, and particular tactical context of the need.

Our collaborators include, for example, Eddie Rosenstein of EyePop Productions. To get a sense of what he does, watch Eddie’s “Boatlift.”

Role of video

Video should not be a stand-alone activity. Like every other marketing and communications activity, it should be informed and guided by the branding and marketing strategy in play. It is a tactical application of what should be a well-researched brand strategy. If not treated as a tool of a branding or marketing program, its very power and stickiness can plow roughshod over carefully built marketing or brand strategy work.

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