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Moved Next to Brooklyn Borough Hall

We don’t have ants in our pants, but we did outgrow our space in the very interesting to be in Brooklyn Navy Yard, so we have moved to downtown Brooklyn. 50 Court Street to be exact. (We have updated the contact page.) Now we have to get used to standing in line for coffee.

Moved: Now we are next to Brooklyn Borough Hall

No arguing with the convenience of the new location: We are right on top of the 2, 3, 4, 5 & R trains and damn near on top of the A, C, F and even the B & Q if you don’t mind walking down an ever swankier Fulton Street.

If you are of the car persuasion, you need barely cross the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge to find parking.

We have office parties every Friday afternoon if you want to stop by and smell the convenience.

Photo by Tanya Kuznetsova from the conference room

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