Illustration in one form or another is often required as part of a project or campaign. We have working relationships with a range of reliable illustrators who can help us communicate the right message in accordance with the strategic plan and also in line with the particular tactical needs of the project, campaign, or marketing program.

IllustrationIllustration is highly personal but like photography, there are a wide range of highly developed and talented professionals to choose from. So the important issue with illustration, as with photography, is understanding clearly what we are trying to achieve from a strategic standpoint and who our audience is. The choice of illustration style is not arbitrary and governed entirely by the tastes of the selector but rather is intentional and governed by the tastes and needs of the audience.

We have done illustration testing with audiences, and the results are often surprising.Our experience with this serves as a reminder that while illustration is very persuasive when used well, it is strongly impacted by personal taste. This means that not only is general knowledge of the particular audience required, specific testing is strongly recommended. A quick glimpse of an example of these factors in play can be seen in our notes from the testing we did while developing historical game characters for educational games for kids.

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