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I Bleed For

Blood supplies have sunk to the lowest level in a decade during the pandemic and the need for blood donations has become so dire that the American Red Cross has declared its first-ever blood crisis. Cancellation of school and workplace drives and low donor turnout amid the coronavirus are a couple factors that have led to the national crisis, and the blood shortage is being felt from the institutional level at hospitals with depleted supplies down to the individual, with patients having to wait for blood transfusions.

We developed the slogan “I Bleed For” to encourage people to donate blood by thinking of people, places, and causes they’d be willing to bleed for. The logo leaves a blank where anyone can fill in what it is they are donating for and simplifies the donation and transfusion cycle graphically. Instead of playing up emotions like fear or guilt, we chose to nudge people with a positive association. Working on this concept has inspired our own team members to go give blood and we hope it can do the same for the greater public.

Bleed for hope. Bleed for a better tomorrow. Bleed to make a difference.

Search “blood donation near me” on Google.

I Bleed For

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