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Florencia, Junior Art Director

Florencia GarciaHaving found a company that shares her values, Florencia Garcia is eager to put her talents to work, finding creative ways to help our clients make the world better.

Her passion for design began with a long family tradition of making all sorts of beautiful things by hand. Living in Mexico, a country rich in culture, made it easy for her to absorb the varieties and forms of design, and from there, she began to see that design was in nearly everything. As her perspective on design broadened, she realized that it is about more than just making something beautiful, existing also to communicate ideas and connect with people through its visual message.

A strong advocate of Tronvig Group’s learning value, Florencia holds that a life worth living is one that involves continuous learning.

Florencia has been part of the creative team for one of our longest client engagements, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, developing advertising campaigns, helping with the museum’s rebrand, and creating deliverables ranging from digital to print.

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