Ben Jenkins Senior Strategic Analyst

Ben joined Tronvig Group in 2015, attracted by the company’s mission and its diverse list of clients. His core expertise is the ability to parse complex ideas and render them in easily understandable prose. Ben has worked on a diverse array of projects ranging from large corporate clients to museums as an instrumental part of the team. He contributes to the development of strategy, conducts the qualitative research phase of our process, and has co-written advertising and other creative copy with excellent results.

Prior to joining Tronvig Group, Ben spent a year teaching in Lyon, France, and he’s always thrilled to chat in French should you feel the urge. Outside of work, he is an avid skier, an aspiring chef, and finisher of the Mongol Rally. He graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in English literature.

Ben’s recent projects include:

“Thank you so much to Ben for everything you are doing to help me with my mission to change the world!! There are some very strong insights that came out of the research that will help position the message – thank you for suggesting that this would be an important next step and for your careful diligence, thoughtfulness and intelligence in carrying out the work.”

—Anne Maggisano, Personal Brand

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