Vincent, GreyBox Creative, Director of Business Development

Vincent FatatoTronvig Group has been working with Vincent Fatato and GreyBox Creative for a few years now and recently, we decided that it would be best if he were a part of our team. He is still running GreyBox Creative, but he has taken over Tronvig Group’s Business Development responsibilities, selling a complete branding solution, and his presence brightens our Brooklyn office every day. Put another way, this means he is now helping us find more ways to help our clients make the world better. Our strategic services, in turn, directly augment his ability to support his clients large and small with brand design, which is the longstanding strength of GreyBox Creative.

GreyBox Creative is five years old and prior to that, Vincent founded Synergy Graphix, a graphic design firm that worked with companies spanning the financial world, so he’s been doing this kind of thing since 1996—slightly longer than Tronvig Group, which officially started its design- and branding-related services in 1998. Prior to running his own business, Vincent worked as a digital image specialist at Electronic Color Imaging and was the co-developer of the color-retouching department at Lord & Taylor.

Vincent earned his BFA at Rochester Institute of Technology and studied business at New York University.

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