What can our strategy workshops do for you?

“I’ve never seen anybody be able to work a room like James Heaton at Tronvig does. He kept us on task, he kept people excited about the topic and moving through the agenda.”

—Peggy Martin, Senior Director of Design and Communications, Lincoln Park Zoo

Tronvig Group workshop with James Heaton

  • How well do you understand your customer, not just what they tell you, but what actually drives their behavior?
  • Which customer audience should you focus on, and what specific actions should you take?
  • What will convince all the key stakeholders in your organization to get behind and carry out a single strategic plan of action?
  • How can you unleash the latent potential and creativity of all your employees?
  • Is there something you can do right now that could change the game for your organization?

Our workshops give you practical and effective tools to advance.

I want you to know that it happened just as you predicted. The culture and value system became so strong and desired by the majority of the senior leadership that an immune response reaction occurred; the obvious foreign entity was rejected in the end. What you do is powerful stuff.

—Vice President, Financial Services Firm

To see an excerpt from a live workshop watch this clip in which James Heaton asks the question “What is a brand?” This session was held last year with the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York City.

Your time is extremely valuable. So…

  • Build consensus with only a few hours of participation from the key players.
  • Get answers to key questions quickly so that you can move ahead.
  • Get clear, concise, and attractive tools such as a Brand Pyramid that shows the current situation and a Brand Value Map that suggests the way forward.

What’s included?


What types of Strategy Workshops are there?

Organizational Product-level Alignment
Brand Strategy Product Marketing Alignment Workshops
  • What is your brand idea? Who is your customer? How do you deliver value differently or better than your competitors?.
  • Give your teams and vendors the guidance they need for strategically sound execution of exhibitions, websites, or marketing campaigns.
  • Unleash your organization’s creative potential by translating its core values into operational and employee behaviors.
  • Includes the Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid and Organizational Brand Value Map. Then Competitive Advantage and Marketing Targets Diagrams to guide organizational strategy.
  • Includes product-level Brand Pyramids and Brand Values Maps. Then Competitive Advantage and Marketing Targets Diagrams to guide product development and marketing.
  • Includes either a “train the trainer” structure or workshops conducted across the organization one functional group at a time.
  • For organizations that are tired of being “the best-kept secret in town.”
  • For product marketing or new products development.
  • For organizations seeking to operationalize their brand. 
Brand Strategy
  • Diagnose the overall brand strategy situation for your organization, and find clarity on the most effective path forward.
  • Includes Tronvig Group Brand Pyramid, Brand Value Map, Competitive Advantage Diagrams, and Marketing Targets Diagrams to guide organizational strategy.
  • Ideal for organizations that no longer want to be “the best kept secret in town.”
Marketing Strategy
  •  Give your marketing team the tools they need to effectively assess any product-level activity, such as an exhibition, website, or marketing campaign.
  • Includes product-level Brand Pyramids, Brand Value Maps, Competitive Advantage Diagrams, and Marketing Targets Diagrams to guide product development and marketing.
  • Ideal for new product development or existing product marketing.
Organizational Alignment 
  • Help your organization translate its core values into employee behaviors, and unleash their capacity, creativity, and potential.
  • Includes either a “train the trainer” structure or department-level workshops across the organization.
    • Ideal for organizations wanting to enhance productivity and retention.

All workshops are in person and we are happy to travel to your location. Workshops held outside of New York City will incur travel costs. Nothing on this page constitutes a contract offer.

What’s next?

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