Brand Strategy for Small Museums and Nonprofits

Special Offer on Strategy for Small Museums and Nonprofits

Tronvig Group offers full 360-branding services, but we know that not everyone needs or can afford this. Our guided Branding Tutorial Video Series directly addresses this need.

Our complete process is a deep engagement with five different phases. We start by gathering internal and external insight. Then we turn this into a robust brand strategy that can transform your organization. We make sure every employee is aligned on how this strategy impacts their daily work. And of course, we make sure you look the part with a beautifully executed visual brand.

We have created an affordable branding tutorial product for the Discovery phase of our process. It shows you how to create a Brand Pyramid for your organization.

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Special Museum and Nonprofit Pricing

Here is our special museum and nonprofit pricing, scaled based on the size of the organization’s paid staff. In every case, the product offer is the same and includes the seven-part video tutorial and the three one-hour consulting sessions to make sure you get the most out of the effort:

  • Museums and nonprofits with 1-15 employees: $975
  • Museums and nonprofits with 16-25 employees: $1,475 
  • Museums and nonprofits with 26+ employees: $1,950 

Generally speaking, organizations with more than 30 employees should take advantage of our full commercial services which include workshops led in person by us, in-depth strategic consulting, customer research, and often executional creative. Our full process is described in detail here. These services start at around $25,000 (estimated based on actual project scope).

We feel strongly, therefore, that we are creating value for the museum and nonprofit community in a new, more accessible way with this guided branding tutorial and we genuinely hope that many in the museum and nonprofit community will take advantage of it.

Brand Pyramid Workshops

Our Brand Pyramid workshops have been helping organizations, both large and small, to think more clearly about the value they add to the world and their communities and how they interact with their visitors/guests/donors (what we call “the customer”).

We really got what we wanted and came out of the strategy sessions in a much better place. We would not have been prepared to kick off a new brand without this core foundational work.

—Peggy Martin, Senior Director of Design and Communications, Lincoln Park Zoo

The Brand Pyramid has been tested and retested in our workshops over the years and we have improved and refined it so we are very confident of both its soundness and practical value.

The Brand Pyramid gave us focus on our overall marketing and branding efforts. The museum has been substantially bettered.

—Faust Gertz, Vesterheim: National Norwegian-American Museum

Until now, however, we had not found a way to get it into the hands of prospective clients who could not afford to have us build it with them through a live workshop.

Seeking a solution, we quietly launched a version of this product at the beginning of 2016. It was a do-it-yourself Brand Pyramid and it has been selling without promotion, but we sensed that some users were not taking full advantage of it. This inspired us to rework both the tutorial and the accompanying offer. We added more practical guidance and explanatory animations to the video and we broke it into seven bite-sized segments.

I’ve worked for 20 years as a consultant and have worked with other consultants. From a content perspective, I can hardly recall anyone who has the same mastery of organizational development theory. Tronvig Group was able to apply this expertise to our project [using the Brand Pyramid].

—Heidi Ruhe, Corporate Strategist, Ingalls Health System

This new seven-part video branding guide also includes three separate one-hour phone consulting sessions. These ensure that purchasers not only build a robust Brand Pyramid for their organization but that they also get feedback throughout the process, maximizing value from the Brand Pyramid once it’s completed.

“Building Your Brand Pyramid” Tutorial Offer

Strategy for small museums (Brand Pyramid)After talking with a number of institutions about their needs, we also set up a means-based pricing structure exclusive to museums and nonprofits. This is modeled after the American Alliance of Museum’s graduated membership pricing. We have three price brackets that discount deeply for smaller organizations.

I really like this product, and the way it neatly emerged from a quick labor nicely wrapped in a cute blanket … accurate and streamlined.

—Katherine Sarkis, Director, Brand Marketing and Creative, International Rescue Committee